sell a house

thinking about selling?

follow my simple guide

Image by Wright Brand Bacon

       1: what do you want in your next home?

action requires vision.  what do you want out of your next house?  an extra bedroom, or that 2nd bathroom.  bigger yard?  are you downsizing? 

this is the right time to dream.  your motivation for change will give you the rocket fuel you need to sell your house.  so dream away!!

      2: sell your house.


it sounds CRAZY, but you really do want to sell your house first.  yep, first.  

we are in a competitive market.  if you find your dream home, but you need to sell your current house before you can buy it THEN you might lose out.  

there are lots of buyers out there who are looking at the same house.  you want to have the opportunity to win the house.  when house hunting, second place = homelessness.  so don’t skip this step.

       3: buy your HOME.

this is the goal anyway right?!  to buy the home you want.  to step into your next life stage.  your home is a big purchase.  let’s make it a good one!

        4: enjoy!

now the extra fun part! 


paint.  decorate.  garden.  build.  it is yours now, so make it your own.  


drink your coffee.  sleep in late.  share meals with friends.  create memories in your new home.  you earned it!

Image by Marten Bjork

if you take the first step, you might find you are halfway HOME.